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LV Criminal Defense practices Criminal Defense, Sex Crime, and DUI law in Las Vegas, NV
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If you live in America and it is dinnertime, you have almost certainly broken the law. In his book Three Felonies a Day, civil-liberties lawyer Harvey Silverglate estimates that the average person unknowingly breaks at least three federal criminal laws every day.

No one knows how many laws are in force.

“In an example of a failed attempt to tally up the number of laws on a specific subject area, in 1982 the Justice Department tried to determine the total number of criminal laws. In a project that lasted two years, the Department compiled a list of approximately 3,000 criminal offenses.”

Anyone, including you, could become a criminal within ten-minutes of stepping outside your front door.

Nicholas Wooldridge has the knowledge, wisdom and experience in standing up for individuals who never thought they would see the inside of a courtroom with a criminal accusation hanging over their head

Mr. Wooldridge has represented international white-collar criminals, terrorists and cyber hackers. He also represents the common man who breaks the law just as they went about their daily routine.

Sometimes good people make mistakes and others are caught up in draconian tactics of overzealous law enforcement, who believe a militaristic approach is needed to keep the nation safe from petty criminals.

Either way, Mr. Wooldridge understands the need for someone to speak out in court, to fight for justice and to represent the person who just wanted to get a cup of coffee and inadvertently violated any of the unknowable number of laws.

Acknowledged as a true professional by the “Top 40 Under 40,” Mr. Wooldridge receives the most satisfaction from comments and reviews he receives from clients and former clients. Not just satisfied to get justice for the accused, Mr. Wooldridge goes above and beyond what is needed in the halls of justice.

Respected by judges, district attorneys and prosecutors, Mr. Wooldridge has earned the respect of the antagonists in the courtroom even has the stands in the gap between justice and the unjustly accused..

Mr. Wooldridge:

Graduated Boyd School of Law — with Honors
Mentored by Lawrence Wishart
Established, and demonstrated, skill in global circles and cases
Served as co-counsel for Azamat Tazhayakov, linked to the Boston Marathon bombings

Mr. Wooldridge has consistently confirmed his excellent qualifications, trial results and leadership within his practice areas which include:

• Sex Crimes
• Drug Crimes
• Violent Crimes
• Federal Charges
• Felony Charges, and
• White Collar Crime