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LV Criminal Defense practices Criminal Defense law in Las Vegas, NV
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If you are facing criminal charges in Las Vegas or any other part of Nevada, you need a criminal defense attorney who is thoroughly knowledgeable about the law. Nick Wooldridge studied in Nevada and became an attorney in the State of Nevada in 2004. He is also admitted into the State of New York Bar and belongs to other professional organisations of high status. Nick’s wealth of experience, drive for justice and fierce determination to deliver the top legal services to his clients has shot him to the limelight on different occasions in his career. Never daunted by the stack of evidence purportedly held against his clients, Nick fearlessly takes on the law, the authorities and any organisation threatening the freedom and livelihood of his clients.

Regardless of the hopelessness of the situation, call Nick Wooldridge, a well-known Las Vegas criminal lawyer who has a track record of success in impossible cases. Nick can be reached at 702-623-6362. Contact him today for an initial consultation and benefit from his immense experience and unrivalled skills.